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Standing strong by Bluefire-Amaterasu

First off, I love your use of bright colors for the eggs as opposed to having them simply be plain eggs, their glow really adds to the ...

Camaro/Mustang sketch by Bluefire-Amaterasu

first off, I must say, amazing work! you really captivated me by how defined the lines are and the stunning level of detail and indirec...

His Morality by StarBlade99

First off, I'm always a fan of your style of good ol' wheaters, the curl on his hair is both my favorite and least favorite part of him...

Plushie Attempt- Valerie by madlyinlov3

I admire your work on this plushie attempt, your style of making her face has given her almost a personal energy, if not making it feel...



My Metal Sonc Redesign: Sonic Boom by EvilWheatley
My Metal Sonc Redesign: Sonic Boom
(I would've gotten a better picture of it, but my scanners been broken for a few month's now ^^; )

I know the game itself was a bust that is now unfortunately considered worse than Sonic 06, but the one thing that Irked me was that of all people, fan-favorite Metal Sonic was spared a redesign. Whether it was simply because they couldn't think of anything or they just didn't want to mess with perfection, he just felt out of place in this world because of how sonic had changed himself. So naturally, being the nosy person that I am, I did a quick doodle that came to mind earlier today and figured I'd share it with you. Maybe I'll release a colored variant in the future, but the point is, metal sonic is supposed to mirror sonic, I'm surprised they didn't try to make an armor variant of his neckerchief or anything >.>

All in all, when redesigning him, I wanted to make sure he was built a bit more solid, as sonic is more melee based than before. So naturally he's sacrificing speed for armor and attack power in order to compensate for dealing with four foes at once (Amy, Knuckles, Tails, Sonic, etc).

Also, ignore the typography to the right, I tried to make it cool but failed XD

Metal Sonic (C) Sega and Sonic Team
Metal Sonic Fan made variant (C) Evilwheatley
RWBY Roman Torchwick Cosplay [WIP] #2 by EvilWheatley
RWBY Roman Torchwick Cosplay [WIP] #2
Just another picture, probably more to come! In this shot you can clearly see the popularly named "Melodic cudgel" or "Candy Cane" as some fans have jokingly named it.

Not gonna lie, the cane's are really expensive, so, I couldn't get the metal variants, had to settle for pvc (meaning its bulkier and a little oversized for a cane) but it does mean I don't necessarily have to worry as much about damage or rust, as these pieces can take a few hits ^^

Also on another note, though you can't see it in either of the cosplay shots so far, I do have a red fabric strap affixed around the base of the "bowl" of the bowler hat. It'll probably be more visible in later submissions.

Anywho, feel free to comment and leave feedback, I love hearing what other people think!

Roman Torchwick & RWBY (C) Monty Oum and Roosterteeth
RWBY Torchwick Cosplay [WIP] by EvilWheatley
RWBY Torchwick Cosplay [WIP]
Behold, my Roman Torchwick Cosplay from RWBY! (still in progress)

While almost complete, I still lack the wig, though I plan to get one in the coming months hopefully (or at the very least, grow out my hair as some say I could pull it off with my hair color)

If anyone assembles a cosplay of similar design, I must warn you: There are many prices and items that are practically highway robbery, so be sure to search ALL of the cosplay options out there. For example: The hat that came with the jacket I ordered was not the one you see here, but rather some weird fedora like hat with sequins, and the gloves for the costume came in with inhuman sizes so I had to seek out alternatives (IE getting a bunch of cheap prop cigars, gloves, and a bowler hat from a costume store having a move sale)

Anywho, all that aside, I plan to make my first appearance in full torchwick attire at Cleveland Comic Con 2015…

So, if anyone sees me, be sure to give a holler and say hey ^^

Roman Torchwick (C) Monty Oum & Roosterteeth
Sorry I haven't been active as lately as I had hoped to be, while schools ended for a month, work certainly hasn't!

But its the Holidays, so I figured I'd wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope its a great one as well ^^ I'll hopefully be submitting more stuff within the week after!
Sorry I haven't been active as lately as I had hoped to be, while schools ended for a month, work certainly hasn't!

But its the Holidays, so I figured I'd wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope its a great one as well ^^ I'll hopefully be submitting more stuff within the week after!


EvilWheatley's Profile Picture
United States
Hello, we here at wheatley labratories, work hard to ensure the- *support beam falls over* dammit!, ok moving on, we work hard to ensure that we can let the world know, wheatley labratories is back! and on facebook!… though, we don't really have plans for anything on facebook.... but hey, look on the bright side, we are making custom cores for people, wether they just want the core for their icon, or they want the core to be made, we'll make em, just so long as, well, the orders don't flood us out..
Other roleplay accounts:

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, we are having technical difficulties, given file size turns out to be somewhat of a problem sometimes on deviantart, for some reason the preview pic I set for the file overides the actual file itself..please help?

Current Residence: MY LAIR
Operating System: Wheatley Labratories Luxury Hard Drive
Wallpaper of choice: Metal, y'know, because I'm a robot and what not, right?
Personal Quote: "I'll fix it later"
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EvilWheatley do you watch Doctor Who?
EvilWheatley Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I've heard about it, and picked up on some of what its about, but I've never watched it before actually
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It's a good show. Really humorous. One minute I'm like OMG PORTAL I LOVE WHEATLEY!! the next I'm like OMG DOCTOR WHO! I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!
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I know, but it tends to happen when they feel its time to move on or generally feel unwelcome. *shrugs*
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