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Standing strong by Bluefire-Amaterasu

First off, I love your use of bright colors for the eggs as opposed to having them simply be plain eggs, their glow really adds to the ...

Camaro/Mustang sketch by Bluefire-Amaterasu

first off, I must say, amazing work! you really captivated me by how defined the lines are and the stunning level of detail and indirec...

His Morality by StarBlade99

First off, I'm always a fan of your style of good ol' wheaters, the curl on his hair is both my favorite and least favorite part of him...

Plushie Attempt- Valerie by madlyinlov3

I admire your work on this plushie attempt, your style of making her face has given her almost a personal energy, if not making it feel...


Lt. Dravous Valenwright (The Pirate Madeline FC) by EvilWheatley
Lt. Dravous Valenwright (The Pirate Madeline FC)
Ah yes, Lieutenant Dravous Valenwright, my first and most likely not the last FC (fan character) of :iconrandommode:'s series the Pirate Madeline, a mixed up world of pirates, ninjas, magic, and tech depending on where you look! Give it a read, its very well made and masterfully designed in my opinion (or if randomness is more your taste ((no pun intended)) try out the Hokey and pokey series in his gallery as well!)

Age: 19
Hair: black
Gender: Male
Uniform color: Dark blue as the main color, with a brass/golden trim for his uniform's lines and buttons.

-Sword: Standard-Issue Port Haven Military Saber (with the city-state flag emblem imprinted on the handguard)
-Pistol: a dark wood handle with silver steel in appearance is the sole heirloom his family has, designed not only for a quick firing of two metal projectiles, but also with a hidden surprise to keep the fight going in combat, using the handle or barrel as the grip to make it an effective melee weapon.
-Haven's Shield: A 100% metal and mechanical Golem that relies on human imput to function at all. Though smaller than most Golems (1-3 times the height of a human being) it defends haven with the same tenacity as Dravous when he pilots its, willing to sacrifice everything it is to save its home.

Personality: Dravous is very quiet and doesn't speak often, so when he gives a speech, he stammers on some words, he starts to heat up and almost sweat, the pressure of his job bearing down on him. He always clings to past events as well, holding himself in judgement, believing it could've somehow been done differently, his mind belittling himself for that which cannot be changed. While he's a firm commanding officer, who only gives himself the rank of Lieutenant and not a Captain or General, he has trouble speaking to girls, he gets shy and blushes easily if one tries to sweet talk him, or rather...just talk in general. Once one gets to know him, its a friendship not easily severed, as his friends in his opinion are few, and he never wants to lose one, especially if it could've been prevented in the first place. He has very little free time for himself and finds himself spending more hours in battle and at the tacticians desk in the war room as opposed to being a person.

Dravous is a Lieutenant in Port Haven, an out of the way City-State that is unfortunately severely lacking a Military and having its existence even be on the map. Being the sole appointed military officer, he commands what few soldiers and sailors alike to keep his port safe from the constant raids from the various pirates and skeleton king forces that threaten the well being of his people. To do this, he commands what is considered unsafe in a Golem-pilots profession otherwise known as an Iron Coffin (the terminology is more local to port haven, may not be used in other regions) or in simpler terms, a 100% machine golem which relies on entirely human control, as opposed to the Golem's ability to react in an effort to keep it and its pilot alive.

Though a dangerous job, someone has to do it, and (un)fortunately, Dravous is the only one in the area who fits the bill. Though his responsibility weighs heavily on his heart, as those he's come to know as friends and family fall around him, he remains hopeful that one day, someone will re-unite the world under one flag so that no innocent should have to suffer under a larger forces boot simply because they're weaker and considered easy pickings.

The Pirate Madeline (c):iconrandommode:
Dravous Valenright, Haven, and the Haven's Shield Golem (c):iconevilwheatley:
Sir Eric and Lady Erica (Updated) by EvilWheatley
Sir Eric and Lady Erica (Updated)
I just found this old sketch of my two favorite knights (one of which is a gender-bend of myself for comical reasons XD) and give them a more polished look since its been awhile since they've had any screen time on my DA page.

For those of you that don't know, these two were originally made for :iconking-chromo: 's kingdom for Queen Pierce's Loyal commanding knights, the twin Guardians Eric and Erica.

I would've submitted a colored version, but alas, time has its ways of avoiding me X'D

Anyway, Sir Eric and Lady Erica (c) :iconevilwheatley:
and feel free to chat with me about whatever~
Sorry for being gone for so long, college classes and my job take up a lot of my time nowadays, but that doesn't mean I don't still draw a bit here and there. I'll be posting a few of my sketches here and there as I find the time ^^ Thanks for still being there for me when I come online to chat and I hope to be on more soon~!
I don't normally do "tags" but I figured I'd make an exception ^^
I was tagged by my good friend :iconang3lbabe1527:

First, write five things about yourself, four facts and one lie (See if anybody who comments can guess it XD). Even if its SO obvious which is the lie, go ahead and write whatever you want. Its all for fun! :) (Smile) :) (Smile)

1.) I'm an only child.

2.) I like the color red, but I indecisively love blue equally (don't tell either color please)

3.) I draw whenever I feel like it

4.) I am an alien from outerspace sent here to better humanity through subtle changes

5.) I'm currently 20 years old.

Now for the questions!!!!!

 1.  Favourite animated characters?
From RWBY: Nora, Ruby, Blake, Jaune, Penny, and Roman Torchwick.
From RVB: Church, Caboose, Washington, Simmons, Griff, and Sarge (though there are many more)
(there are waaaaaay too many, so lets just stick to those two series for now)

2.  What thing/things would you banish to oblivion forever if you could?

I would banish intolerance and agitation towards equality. People have the right to be treated equally, gender, skin color, sexual preferences, and cultural beliefs have everything to do with coexisting and treating each other with the basic respect and kindness all humans should at least be offered in their lifetime. There is no one "right" walk of life.

3.  Thing that never fails to make you feel nostalgic?

Listening to old video game music and looking back on old memories

4.  What superpowers or/and skills would you want? (You can say 'Same as Raven/Superman/Batman/etc...')

I would want Regeneration, I would technically be immortal because of it because aging is the decaying of cells and taking damage is decaying of cells, so I'd be able to survive anything and live long enough to see the path of the world itself long beyond my own generation!

5.  How would you spend 24 hours without travel or money restrictions if you could do anything?

I'd  visit every foreign country that I had a friend in whom I wouldn't be able to visit in most other cases, they've all helped me through so much in the last few years, I just wanna hug them!

6.  In voice acting or live action, would you rather play a hero, villain or anti-hero?

In voice acting, I'd rather be the villian, not sure why, but I just don't seem to be the heroic type when it comes to my voice. XD sounds better with a darth vader cape or a suit on if you know what I mean

7.  A nickname people call you? If you don't really have one, then what would you say would be a fitting one?

I was called "Big-E" (or bigie) in high school, mostly because I was pretty tall compared to the majority of my fellow students, but, whatever X3

8.  What would you love to be doing in the next couple of years?

I would love to continue my 3D studies, find a more career oriented job, and invest my time in art and animation

9.  The instrument you’d pick if you could learn to play it instantly?

Either the Piano, The Ocarina, or the Accordion.

10. What was the best Halloween costume you ever wore? If you don’t really do Halloween (:O (Eek)) then how about cosplay?

Its a die between Darth Vader and Tobi of the Akatsuki

11. Favourite villains?

Darth Vader, King Candy (turbo), Good Cop/Bad Cop, Lord Business, Cobra Commander, Eggman...hmm, Metal Sonic,, well, thats all I can think of on short notice, but believe me there is ALOT more

12. What happy single fond moment/memory would you want to witness again in your life?
Well, to be honest, it would be the day I volunteered for a holiday food drive. We surprised a few local families in need and just seeing how much this meant to them, and the thought of giving them a holiday worth celebrating and giving them the ability to get by...well, my heart just cried happily knowing that I could make a difference.
Sorry for being gone for so long, college classes and my job take up a lot of my time nowadays, but that doesn't mean I don't still draw a bit here and there. I'll be posting a few of my sketches here and there as I find the time ^^ Thanks for still being there for me when I come online to chat and I hope to be on more soon~!


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United States
Hello, we here at wheatley labratories, work hard to ensure the- *support beam falls over* dammit!, ok moving on, we work hard to ensure that we can let the world know, wheatley labratories is back! and on facebook!… though, we don't really have plans for anything on facebook.... but hey, look on the bright side, we are making custom cores for people, wether they just want the core for their icon, or they want the core to be made, we'll make em, just so long as, well, the orders don't flood us out..
Other roleplay accounts:

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, we are having technical difficulties, given file size turns out to be somewhat of a problem sometimes on deviantart, for some reason the preview pic I set for the file overides the actual file itself..please help?

Current Residence: MY LAIR
Operating System: Wheatley Labratories Luxury Hard Drive
Wallpaper of choice: Metal, y'know, because I'm a robot and what not, right?
Personal Quote: "I'll fix it later"
:iconyoumadtrollfaceplz: :icongarfieldderpplz: :iconrinisangryplz:

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