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Standing strong by Bluefire-Amaterasu

First off, I love your use of bright colors for the eggs as opposed to having them simply be plain eggs, their glow really adds to the ...

Camaro/Mustang sketch by Bluefire-Amaterasu

first off, I must say, amazing work! you really captivated me by how defined the lines are and the stunning level of detail and indirec...

His Morality by StarBlade99

First off, I'm always a fan of your style of good ol' wheaters, the curl on his hair is both my favorite and least favorite part of him...

Plushie Attempt- Valerie by madlyinlov3

I admire your work on this plushie attempt, your style of making her face has given her almost a personal energy, if not making it feel...



Making A Halo Magnum Pistol (WIP-2) by EvilWheatley
Making A Halo Magnum Pistol (WIP-2)
Just wanted to snap another quick picture here. I just finished gluing it together and sanding everything down, I plan to install some plastic barrels on the front for the full "magnum" look as usually given in halo, but it'll still take some time to find the proper drillbits for the job. Other than that, Im really proud about how my first attempt at a magnum pistol is going. Its a little rough around the edges, sure, but its a great start! After I get the barrel(s) in and find some suitable paint for the job, I'll be sure to upload some more photos of my progress ^_^
Making A Halo Magnum Pistol (WIP-1) by EvilWheatley
Making A Halo Magnum Pistol (WIP-1)
I know, I know, quite out of the blue, but motivation sparked inside me last night, I found some blueprints to work off of, and began building a foam halo pistol ^^ quite fun so far, already layering two different kinds of foam.

So far, the materials used have been regular crafting foam found in most arts and crafts stores (black foam), followed by industrial grade foam (gray foam) used to cushion heavy equipment on stone or cement surfaces, in addition, I'm putting a layer of black cardboard inbetween the two "halves" of the pistol in order to reinforce its basic structure and ensure that it can take a hit without bending too easily.

In the future, I hope to finish this baby and show it off to you all ^_^ Feel free to chat or whatever, share your own techniques and/or ask about mine!
My Cosplay at WizardCon by EvilWheatley
My Cosplay at WizardCon
Unfortunately, this year they superheated the convention center for the maiden voyage of Wizard Con in the Cleveland convention center. I went as Roman Torchwick Initially, but soon learned that I was easily prone to overheat due to the awesome outfit composed of gloves, straps, coat, shirt, undershirt, bowler hat, black shoes, and cane. Thus my steampunk cosplay was brought along as a backup, and I wore this for the majority of the time at Wizardcon (although for the few hours that I was dressed as roman torchwick I did have a lot of people ask for me to be in a picture with them, it was awesome to meet some other rwby fans ^^)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. It was great to wear my steampunk outfit again, see what various things could be added to my outfit if any ^^. Admittedly I have walked away with several things from this convention as you will undoubtedly see in the coming week or so, but for now I have to rectify my computer issues and get all of the photos off my camera. More to come soon, I hope you'll all enjoy the slice of wizardcon I managed to capture during the times that I didn't forget I had a camera.
Hey everyone, just coming to you live from Cleveland city, happily ushering in the second day of Wizard Con on its maiden voyage into the spotlight as it becomes host to a few guest star appearances of William Shatner, some of the walking dead cast (hershel and the priest (forget his name, feel free to rage at me)) to many independent craftsmen and artists alike. I got to meet some of the creators of cyanide and happiness, alongside a slew of rwby fans and attack on titan squads ^^. (a few stormtroopers and various marvel heroes, teen titans cosplayers too, plenty of steampunk worshipers XD)

All in all a great year to start things off, and buy awesome things for your cosplay while simultaneously breaking the bank! Woo!

I'll be hopefully posting a bunch of the pictures soon after the event concludes, then its back home to responsibility and work!


Yeah, not thrilled about that part XD

Either way, if you have any questions about admitance, what was there, what was going on, atmosphere of the place, room temperature, how well the facility was maintained, and so on, feel free to leave a comment, or just leave a comment to chat, up to you. ^^


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United States
Hello, we here at wheatley labratories, work hard to ensure the- *support beam falls over* dammit!, ok moving on, we work hard to ensure that we can let the world know, wheatley labratories is back! and on facebook!… though, we don't really have plans for anything on facebook.... but hey, look on the bright side, we are making custom cores for people, wether they just want the core for their icon, or they want the core to be made, we'll make em, just so long as, well, the orders don't flood us out..
Other roleplay accounts:

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, we are having technical difficulties, given file size turns out to be somewhat of a problem sometimes on deviantart, for some reason the preview pic I set for the file overides the actual file itself..please help?

Current Residence: MY LAIR
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